This is our 2020 Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide with all the little goodies that will make the season bright for the Outdoor Gear Geek in your life. If you are looking for something a little bit more check out some gifts that fit outside the stocking and pop on over and check out our Gift Guide for Outdoor Lovers Holiday Gift Guide and you won’t be disappointed.

1. Free Outside: A Trek Against Time and Distance by Jeff Garmire – $16.95

A man walked into the woods, destined to spend 8 months living in the wild. Exhausted and emotionally ruined living the fast-paced life of a successful young professional it was all too easy to give up. The challenges came on the adventure of a lifetime. Months in the woods that would provide adversity, healing, and tranquility. Setting out to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, and Continental Divide Trail in a single calendar year was an audacious goal but the 8,000 mile Calendar Year Triple Crown would be the story of a lifetime. The journey was riddled with inclement weather, shady characters, wildlife attacks, and injuries. The trails crossed frozen rivers, were rerouted around wildfires, and packed with snow. The physical challenge was soon overshadowed by the mental toughness required. It became a mental battle.Free Outside is a captivating story of strength and courage. Hiking through remote areas in America, Jeff is continually overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of strangers. Free Outside is the fascinating story of Jeff Garmire’s journey along the national scenic trails that define wild America.

2. Mini Bic Lighters (8 pack) – $8.13

Seems like a silly item but these little lightweight lighters are reliable, durable and could save your life when it comes down to it. Treat yourself to an 8 pack because you know how it goes with lighters. Everyone needs one, everyone forgets to give them back. Stash one of these in every bag you have go outdoors in! We never leave home without one.

3. Culo Clean Bidet – $8.99

If you’ve ever run out of toilet paper or suffered from Monkey Butt while on trail you probably could have avoided a lot of anxiety by carrying one of these. For under 10 dollars you can keep that booty spick and span and tame the wild monkey. Just don’t ask us to shake your hand.

4. Waka Instant Coffee (35 servings) – $25.99

We have tested and tasted just about every instant coffee on the market here on Outdoor Gear Geeks and if you don’t believe us you can check out our review of The Best Instant Coffee on Trail here. Each bulk bag can make around 35 cups of high quality coffee. You won’t be missing the local coffee shop with this purchase. Even the coffee snob will be satisfied with this purchase.

5. Sea To Summit Aeros Ultralight Pillow – $44.95

Getting a good nights sleep in when you are backpacking is critical to having fun on your trip. Going without a pillow is one of the number one factors that leads most people to having a restless nights sleep. For a 2.5 oz weight penalty you really can’t beat the comfort that these pillows provide. Well worth the weight you most likely won’t even feel.

6. Bamboo Toothbrush (10 pack) – $8.99

If you are a backpacker then you know how important it is to save weight. Buy a 10 pack of these toothbrushes and experiment with sawing them off to get the right width for you. Remember what they say, cut toothbrushes not switchbacks.

7. Kula Cloth Women’s Pee Rag – $22.95

Our female Gear Geeks highly recommend this pee rag. It is built with a surprising amount of technology and engineering to make sure that the rag itself is both antimicrobial, quick drying, and comfortable to use. If you are an advocate for Leave No Trace principals this will be a welcome addition to your gear kit. Just sure you don’t leave it out overnight because animals do get attracted to the salt in urine. While you’re at it, you might as well pick up an “Ask Me About My Pee Cloth” Sticker. This is a totally hygienic option for eco conscious hikers.

8. GSI Outdoors Infinity Mug – $9.99

For coffee or tea drinkers who don’t necessarily like drinking their hot beverage out of the same titanium pot that they cooked their Ramen Bomb in, a separate cup is an essential item. This one weighs in at just 3.5oz with a lid and neoprene insulating sleeve. Remove them and you can get the cup down to about 2.3 oz. What also pretty great about this mug is that the inside has very easy to read measuring marks which we find come in handy when measuring out water for freeze dried meals.

9. Victorinox Swiss Classic Paring Knife – $6.43

In a world of non sensible stocking stuffers this certainly isn’t one of them. Really, you will never need much more than a good paring knife in your kitchen kit for camping and in our testing, for this price point you can absolutely not find a better option out there. Also it comes in six different colors. Like most things we recommend a bright handle so that it’s easy to find when you inevitably drop it on the ground somewhere. If you’re looking for the best all around camping chef’s knife for the money we would recommend the 8-Inch Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife by Victorinox which can easily double as a great knife for at home as well.

10. Sea to Summit Wilderness Wipes, 6×8 -Inch – $8.99

A warm shower is hardly ever an option when you are backpacking or camping the way we do. Luckily, Sea to Summit makes wilderness wipes. Unlike the thin tushy counterparts these thick wipes are designed to be a full body experience. Clean yourself from head to toes but make sure you leave the nether regions for last. These are absolute life savers for extended trips without the ability to shower. 10 out of 10 recommend even if you are just going out for the weekend.

11. Pocket Fire Bellow, Collapsible Blower (2 pack) – $3.99

This stocking stuffer really blows; like literally.  Be the life of any campfire party when you whip out this 20 inch extendable stainless steel straw.  Turn your fledgling blows into a fire breathing dragon as you dazzle your friends with a streamlined concentrated puff of air right into the coals.

12. MPOWERD Luci Solar String Lights – $39.95

You are probably familiar with the Luci Light Inflatable Solar Lantern by now and if you aren’t look right at the next item on our list. This is a little camp lighting system that really adds some charm to any campsite. Emitting 100 lumens via 10 warm white LED lights over 18ft cord this little solar light is one of the most fun items on our list. Not everything has to be practical to be awesome!

13. MPOWERD Luci Base: Solar Inflatable Light + Phone Charger – $44.95

There is something incredibly powerful about this light. That is probably because it packs 360 Lumens has a battery that allows this light to burn bright for 50 hours! This light has a two way USB for mobile charging of a phone so you can also charge it from a wall outlet or battery bank as well.

14. Tenacious Tape, Repair Patches (2 pack)– $ 9.50

We have all been in the situation where a piece of our treasured outdoor gear takes a spark from the fire or a tear from a tree branch. As we all know, technical gear is expensive and when we see that glowing ember burning into our Mountain Hardwear Ghostwhisper it can feel like it is burning a hole in our wallet. Tenacious Tape is a peel and stick solution to all sorts of rips, tears and holes that will inevitably at some point, ruin your day. It permanently bonds to nylon, polyester, GORE-TEX fabric and vinyl. This combo pack of clear and black patches can patch your gear up in an instant in a way that no duct tape could ever do. This is an essential repair kit item in our eyes.

15. Nite-Ize Inka Key Chain Weatherproof EDC/Adventure Pen – $11.99

Even though the name of this pen seems longer than necessary one thing is for sure, the pen itself does not come up short. At just .176 oz it might just be the backpacking journaling pen you have always been on the hunt for. The pen itself as pressurized waterproof ink that allows for writing at any angle at any altitude, as well as in extreme temperatures. It stays collapses inside itself and screw together to form a full size pen which in todays Covid word might come in handy for signing receipts in high use situations.

16. Toaks Titanium Long Handle Spoon – $10.95

This is another one of those must have essentials if you are a a backpacker. The long handle spoon allows you to dig deep into your freeze dried meal bags which prevents you from getting food all over your delicate dirty fingers when you are ravaging your meal.

17. Soto Amicus Backpacking Stove – $44.95

This little little backpacking stove has really impressed out testers. Unlike the BRS 3000T which is popular among hikers, this stove performs much quieter, fuel efficient, and better in windy conditions. Although slightly more heavy than the previously mentioned, this stove has proven to be both robust and reliable on all the trips we have taken it on. If you can afford it, we would recommend it.

18. Peak Refuel Freeze Dried Meals – $12.99

Give the gift that every hiker really wants…. FOOD! For our money, we have NEVER tasted freeze dried backpacking meals that can live up to the high standard of these Peak Refuel Meals. They use really high grade ingredients to create meals that you will literally be craving all day as you hike your way to dinner. What makes Peak Refuel really stand out to us at Outdoor Gear Geeks is not only are the ingredients outstanding but these meals pack tons of protein and use a fraction of the water that other freeze dried meals require for rehydrating. A win win in every backpackers book if you ask us! The chicken alfredo meal is out of this world and a favorite in our testing group. Buy without hesitation.

19. Leukotape (For Blisters and Hotspots) – $8.50

It only feels like a gag gift until you are walking down the trail and you start to feel that hot spot on your big toe or the back of your heal. This is is THE BEST solution for blister prevention and care on trail. Wrap a a few feet around each trekking pole and you will not regret it. This tape is medical grade and extremely tacky. It will stay on your skin where you need it without slipping away when you sweat. If you are hiking without some of this tape you should pick up a roll right now.

20. Peak Designs Capture Clip – $62.95

The trails and campground are full of creators in this modern era of content connoisseurs and there is no better way to keep your camera at quite literally arms reach than the Peak Designs Capture Clip. It allows you to fasten your mirrorless or digital SLR to the strap of your backpack so that your camera is always handy. What we have found as outdoor creatives ourselves is that using this piece of equipment means that we are more often using our cameras rather than just carrying them in our bags and hesitating to keep them out because its a drag to pull it out. With a very smart and robust design you can easily clip your camera on and off in just a second and be at the ready for that perfect selfie opportunity you hiked so hard to get!

21. Bamboo Utensils – $9.35

As an alternative to the long handle titanium spoon. One of our favorite gear testers and hikers Sara Consuegra @rambling_hiker loves using these on her adventures. They are light weight reusable and pretty darn durable. We recommend just taking the spoon with you and if you need an arts and crafts project you can paint the handle like Sara does!

22. Hot Sauce Variety Pack by Yellowbird – $19.23

You might not think about this as being a stocking stuffer gift for a hiker but when you’ve just put together a string of 20 mile days on trail and all you have to look forward to for dinner is a tuna packet and some ramen noodles, you’ll be happy to be packing out one of these little 2.2 oz bottles of hot sauce. If you carry all three you might just have a trail name waiting for you on night one. You know who you are….

23. Darn Tough Socks – $23.00

These socks are hands down the best hiking socks we have ever tested. They last forever and when you wear them out, all you have to do is mail them back to Darn Tough in Vermont and they will send you a new pair free of charge as part of their true Lifetime Warranty. It doesn’t get much better than that. Keeping them as a pair when you wash them is harder than making the decision to buy they socks.

24. WetFire Firestarter (12 pack) – $11.99

These fire starters weight just .16 oz each so carrying one in your pack won’t weigh you down one bit. In a situation where starting a fire in adverse conditions is a matter of life or death you can rely on these little guys to burn for up to 5 minutes. They also have a 5 year shelf life which means you can have them in your kits for years without needing to replace them.

25. Stasher Stand-Up Silicone Reusable Food Storage Bag – $19.99

If you are looking for an eco-friendly gift this holiday season, we highly recommend the Stasher Bags, They come in a variety of sizes but our favorite is the larger stand up bag. Your standard zip bags can be reused until they break, these bags will last you a lifetime. They are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and can be used to sous vide. Also, use these for storage in your refrigerator and you’ll never be searching for a lid again.

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