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Searching for a gift for you the Outdoor Lover in your life? If so, this is the gift guide for you! Consider us here at Outdoor Gear Geeks your personal Secret Santa, but the kind who doesn’t care if you are naughty or nice. It’s our hope that in this guide you find recommendations for all budgets. But trust us when we say, these aren’t your father’s socks we are talking about here.

Gifts Under $20

Stasher, 100% Silicone Reusable Food Bags – $11.99

Anything we can do to eliminate single use plastic in the world we consider a very good thing. Stasher is leading the way with their reusable silicone bags. These bags contain no BPA, no PVC, an no latex which keeps your food free from contaminants. They are air tight, freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe and resistant in the oven up to 400 degrees! If you’re sick of throwing out your snack bags after a hike. These are the solution for you!

Tenacious Tape, Mini Patches – $7.66

If you have ever popped a sleeping pad on a backpacking trip or had a hole burned into your puffy jacket from a rogue campfire spark this is the product for you. Tenacious Tape has an ultra-strong adhesive that permanently bonds the synthetic fabrics including nylon, polyester, GORE-TEX, and vinyl. It’s a life saver for so many outdoor applications and in our opinion a must have for any field repair kit. This would make a great stocking stuffer gift!

RAWLOGY Cork Massage Ball Mini – $11.00

At the end of a long day on trail chewing up miles there is not better feeling than being able to roll out your sore feet. The RAWLOGY cork ball reviewed here on Outdoor Gear Geeks is one of our favorite ultralight options to do just that. The mini comes in at just .7 oz (20 g) which means for nearly no weight penalty in your pack your feet can find some relief. A must have for long distance hikers and athletes.

Leukotape – $6.89

Simply but this tape is one of the best products you can use for blister treatment and prevention. This tape has a high tensile strength (basically meaning it is tough) but can be torn by hand. We wrap a little around a pen to keep on us at all time. It won’t come off when wet or sweaty which makes this tape invaluable on trail when applying to skin. Cover up a hot spot or blister when you feel one coming on and this will be a life saver.

Matador, FlatPak Soap Bar Case – $15.21

Now this might not seem like the most exciting gift in the world, but there is some really cool technology built in to this little pouch. Although we don’t recommend bring soap or using soap in the backcountry when backpacking, we do think this is a totally awesome travel companion. Built with Welded Cordura and Dry-Through technology allows a wet soap bar to actually dry out through the material in the bag! Genius if you ask us!

Amazon Audible – $14.95/month

If your loved one spends any extended amount of time outside this is an excellent gift. Why not learn a little while you’re getting outside or catch up on some “reading”. This a win win in our book (no pun intended). Right now December 5th, 2019 Amazon is running a special save 53% on your first three months.

Darn Tough Socks (Mens & Womens) – $22.89

These merino wool hiking socks are definitely not your fathers work socks. Darn Tough socks are made in Vermont and come with a lifetime (yes lifetime) warranty. If you ever wear a whole in a pair you just simply fill out the warranty request and send them back to the company. You won’t have to do it very often though because these socks are made to last. No bunching, naturally wicking and durable. These are some of the very best socks ever created and Darn Tough stands by that. Make sure you let your loved one know about the warranty if you give them as a gift but honestly, we love these so much you might as well pick up a couple pairs for yourself while you are at it! Buy without hesitation.

Gifts Under $50

SAXX, Quest 2.0 Boxer Briefs – $32.00

You might be thinking, that’s an awful lot of money to be spending on a single pair of boxer shorts and in normal circumstances we would absolutely agree unless your loved one is a someone that travels a lot, or performs activities like hiking or thru hiking where having one pair of underwear really counts. The magic in SAXX boxer briefs is in their Ballpark Pouch which compartmentalizes the male anatomy into a conveniently stored package away from the side of the leg. This helps prevent chafing better than any other boxer brief we have ever tested. If you’ve ever had chafing occur before while hiking you’d most definitely say these are worth their weight in gold. Quick drying and antimicrobial features are added benefits to this nearly perfect pair of underwear.

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker – $29.95

If you’re special someone enjoys a great cup of coffee outdoors or at home this is a great duel usage gift. The AeroPress is lightweight, compact, portable and durable on top of making one of the best tasting cups of coffee you could ever find yourself having at camp. The process it uses creates a low acidity cup of coffee with very little bitterness. It is made from a BPA free Phthalates Free plastic so it can go with you anywhere without worry of breaking or contaminating your pressure morning brew.

Spyderco, Ladybug 3 Salt – $46.80

This gift is more specifically geared towards lightweight and ultralight weight hikers however, it could definitely be used on a keychain for every day carry for many applications. Simply put Spyderco makes great knives and this one is not different. The blade length on this knife is a just 1.93 inches and the total weight comes in at .64 oz making it one of the smallest, sharpest blades on the market. Don’t be deceived this is a very small knife that will last you a very long time. It uses H-1 steal which will ensure the blade never rusts and actually holds a sharp cutting edge. Plus the bright yellow will help ensure it never gets left behind.

Lite AF, Feather Weight Fanny Pack – $40.00

In case you haven’t heard. The Fanny Pack is back! Lite AF is a cottage industry backpacking backpack company that jumped out on a limb and started making killer fanny packs to accompany their bags in the past couple years. Weighing in at only 2.2 oz. in Dyneema fabric and 2.3 oz. in gridstop fabric, you won’t even feel this baby around your waste. Our favorite feature is the outer stretch pocket just perfect for stashing your cell phone in to keep at the ready so you don’t miss a single moment on trail fiddling around trying to get your phone out of a a hip belt pocket. Plus who doesn’t need more room for trail snacks!

Hydro Flask, 32oz Water Bottle – $39.95

If you don’t already own one of these water bottles then we’d definitely say that you should. Sure there are knock offs all over the place now but we always find ourselves coming back to the original. Let’s face it, we are crippling the planet with single use plastic water bottles. Do us all a favor and get on board with this classic 32oz double-walled stainless steal bottle. It keeps cold drinks ice cold insanely long and warm drink warm until you’re done with them. Think about it this way, if you don’t buy 4 cases of water you’ve already got the thing paid off and you’ll have something to feel good about. Side note it also looks good with an Outdoor Gear Geeks sticker on it!

Sky is the Limit Gifts

Big Agnes, Big Six Camp Chair – $149.95

Recently we gave this chair a test for Outdoor Gear Geeks and are so excited with the results it definitely makes our list. Not only is this chair super lightweight, and super packable, it’s also super strong. We tested this chair with someone 250lbs and they reported that the chair felt sturdy and most importantly comfortable. Thats saying a lot seeing as many of these compact ultralight chairs really can’t claim that kind of support under that kind of weight.

The Big Six Camp Chair has become a favorite around the Outdoor Gear Geeks office and we think you loved one would enjoy it too. This chair will last for years and if they don’t Big Agnes has a 100% guarantee against manufacturing or material defects and an awesome customer service staff that is always willing to help you find something that might match your need better. Although, we are pretty sure with this purchase thats not going to be an issue!

Vasque, Breeze Lite Low GTX Hiking Shoe – $112

The Vasque Breeze Lite Low GTX shoes are some of the best hiking shoes on the market currently. It’s a hiking shoe inspired by a trail running shoe and in todays modern hiking world where trail runners are king these babies strike a happy balance between being both light in weight and durable (something that trail runners lack). The tread on these shoes has been super grippy and very stable in our testing on rock, sand and dirt. They also deliver this kind of performance while weighing only 1 lb. 6 oz. per pair. Gone are the days of dragging heavy leather boots up mountains. Also, if you aren’t in to GORE TEX you can pick these up in a GORE TEX free version as well.

Appalachian Gear Co, All-Paca Hoodie – $145.00

You can’t miss seeing these hoodies in the backpacking and hiking community lately. The Appalachian Gear Company has created a hoodie that seems to be rivaling even the legendary Melanzana Hoodie. Guess what? You can actually buy them online and don’t have to travel Colorado to pick one up! These hoodies are made from Alpaca Fiber which is super lightweight, breathable, and packable. The hoodie is durable enough to wear with a backpack and allows perspiration to escape while retaining its insulating properties. The design looks stylish and one could easily wear it into more of an urban environment as well. Overall we are extremely impressed by the performance of this hoodie and feel that it justifies this price point. Worth the cost of admission.

Enlightened Equipment, Torrid Apex Jacket – $170

The Torrid Apex Jacket comes in both Men’s and Women’s versions. It is a high performance, ultralight, synthetic jacket that in recent years has become a popular choice for hikers. This mainly due to its incredible warms to weight ratio. Also, it uses climashield APEX insulation that performs better than down in wet and humid conditions. It dries quick when wet and feel comfortable to wear while hiking. Enlightened Equipment products are handmade in Winona, Minnesota. They make quality products and are a favorite manufacturer of Outdoor Gear Geeks for this reason.

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