Rawlogy Eco CORKcious 100% Recycled Massage Balls and Roller

Pain and discomfort is your body’s way of communicating with you. When you feel that something is not quite right, you should stop, listen, and respond. 

So often we all chalk up little (or big) aches and pains as inevitable and/or just us “getting old.” While it is true that the aging process, repetitive movements, long days staring at a computer at your desk, etc. increases our likelihood of developing some kind of physical pain; we do not need to just accept as the norm. There are many things that we can do to help our bodies optimize and function at high levels so that we can continue enjoying life to the fullest. 

The Rawlogy Cork Balls and Roller helped me do just that. They offer a DIY deep tissue massage anywhere, anytime. I have been using them regularly for about a month now, and they have greatly helped reduce tension and pain that I had been feeling, especially in my shoulders, back, and feet. Perhaps best of all, they are eco-friendly (made out of 100% recycled cork- no plastic, chemicals, etc.) 

The Balls

First, let’s talk about the balls. They come in 3 sizes- Mini (1.9”), Classic (2.5”), and Big Ball (4”). The balls are super lightweight, easy to use, and can be carried anywhere. I used the Classic Ball for myofascial release primarily on my back, shoulders, and glutes. Nearly every morning I use it for a few minutes when I wake up. I simply stand against a wall with the ball pressed between my back and the wall and slowly move up and down the wall, focusing on the areas that I feel the tension. It is definitely an intense pressure, but can easily be controlled. The Mini Ball is perfect for myofascial release of the feet. A lot of us, myself included, are guilty of neglecting our feet even though they are such a fundamental part of our body and literally the base of everything else we do. The Rawlogy Cork balls are a super convenient and simple way to give our feet some love, after all they do for us! I use them while drinking my coffee, reading, or catching up on emails. It would also be easy to take to work and use at your desk. I didn’t try the Big Ball, but I think it would be great for someone with a larger frame. 

The Roller

The Rawlogy Massage Roller functions similarly to a classic “foam roller” with the added benefits of a very compact size (fits in a backpack or carry-on suitcase), extra firm (deeper massage), and FOAMLESS of course (good for Mother Earth!) I used the Massage Roller primarily for my IT bands after running; as well as upper back and chest opening stretches (important for opening your heart chakra) It is definitely more intense than a traditional foam roller, but I liked it a lot. Hurt so good, as they say. You can somewhat control the pressure and intensity by adjusting the weight that you bear on it. 

Outdoor Use and Travel

I brought the Massage Balls with me on a couple of camping trips and they were very useful. They could easily be used up against a tree, in my tent, or sitting around the campfire, and still, get the same great tension relief. I will definitely bring the classic or mini on future backpacking trips. They are compact and lightweight, and would be great for the shoulders, back, legs and feet! Especially after putting in miles with the weight of a backpack.

I also found these products very convenient to bring to my personal training clients who I work within their homes. My clients found the myofascial release techniques using the products easy to learn. They all commented on how much relief they felt. One of my clients did find the pressure a bit too intense at first. My recommendation to a person with high sensitivity to pressure would be to use the Rawlogy Rubber Massage Balls

Final Thoughts

I think everyone could benefit from the self-care that using the Rawlogy CORKcious Massage Balls and Roller provide. They offer a simple and effective way to respond to your body when it is telling you a certain area needs some extra love and attention. The products are durable, easy to use, compact, and environmentally friendly.

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