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If you’re going car camping with a big group, mealtime can get hectic. I think all of us have been in a situation where we were fighting for room on the picnic table to get our meals made. Ultimately, the Gas One B-5000 solves this problem and much, much more. This beast of a stove is the camp cooking equivalent of bringing a gun to a knife fight. That’s just all there is to it.


Material: Metal Frame w/Cast Iron Burner

Output: 150,000 BTU

Dimensions: 30.75 x 15.75 x 28.5″

Weight: 27 lb

Fuel Type: US Standard 20 lb Propane Tank


The Gas One B-5000 is a high-pressure propane stove which burns hot and burns strong. It’s 150,000 BTU’s makes searing a steak on a cast iron skillet easier and more efficient than you could do on your stove at home. The B-5000 is built to last with cast iron construction and removable legs. This makes it easy to store in a carry bag and bring with you anywhere. We recommend purchasing the burner and bag combo if you are traveling with the stove.

Each burner has an adjustable heat dial which allows you to control the output of the flame being produced. Since the burner is so powerful a little goes a very long way while cooking. When the winds really kicked up for us testing in Moab, Utah we were able to adjust the flame higher and really not worry about the wind affecting the cooking power at all. The ability to tweak the flame really allows for precision cooking to any camp chef.

The B-5000 has a Certified CSA regulator that ensures safe cooking. It does this by monitoring the propane gas flow and disallowing leaks if they were to occur. In addition, a 0-20 PSI regulator with braided steel allows for a safe and secure source of gas flow meaning you can feel safe using this burner at camp.


Overall Outdoor Gear Geeks thinks this is a great stove for anyone who is willing to carry a little extra weight on their camping trips in exchange for an excellent ability to cook proper meals outdoors. The Gas One B-5000 allows any camp cook who really enjoys being able to make a gourmet meal in the outdoors the opportunity to do just that. We love that it is a free-standing stove, that it runs off refillable 20 lb propane tanks and that it has thoughtful safety features built right in. Lastly, you really can’t beat the ease of set-up and break-down, it’s as simple as turning your gas grill on at home.

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GAS ONE B-5000 | 150,000 BTU Propane Burners
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