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If classic socks, sweaters, and neckties don’t exactly fit the gifting mold for your Outdoorsy Dad, Outdoor Gear Geeks is here to help with our Father’s Day Gift Guide. We scoured through some of our favorite gear and created a list of gifts we think any Outdoorsy Dad would be happy to receive.  Our categories break down into four categories; under $25, under $50, under $100, and a no limit budget. We are confident that no matter what your budget is, that you’ll find something here great for father this Father’s Day.


1.  CNOC Outdoors Vecto 2L Water Bag – $19.99

This little water bag is one of our favorite items on the list.  We love how the top of the back opens wide to scoop shallow water from a water source eliminating the frustration of trying to fill a filtration bag with a small water bottle sized opening.  The material is soft, extremely durable and pairs perfectly with the Sawyer Micro Squeeze (also on our list) or any of the other Sawyer water filtration products. 

2.  Therm-a-Rest Z Seat – $14.95

This little closed cell foam pad has an R-Value of 2.2 and will keep your butt clean and comfortable when taking breaks on the trail. It’s one of those items you never knew you needed until you have it in your bag. We leave it sitting on the outside of the tent for easier entry and exit without getting our knees dirty. The uses are endless. Fan a fire, use as a windscreen for your stove, bring with you to a sporting event to use on the bleachers. Oh yeah, did we mention its only 2 ounces?! Basically what we are saying is that this pad could save your Dad’s butt.

3.  BRS-3000T – Backpacking Canister Stove – $16.95

Whether your dad is a weekend warrior or long trail hiker this little backpacking stove hits all the marks for an item under 20 dollars.  If you haven’t heard ultralight backpackers raving about this stove yet let us be the first to tell you.  Strictly speaking for a canister stove with this cost to weight ratio, you probably can’t find anything better.  For most backpacking applications this would get you through boiling water for drinks and freeze-dried meals with no problems. Weighing in at .96 ounces this is the lightest canister fuel stove we have found but, if you find something lighter let us know! This is a steal of an item for new backpackers looking to get into backpacking without breaking the bank. 

4.   MPowerd Luci – The Original Inflatable Solar Light – $14.71

Some of our most affordable gifts this year are some of our favorites and the MPowerd Luci is no different.  This little light gives off 75 lumens of light and just 7 hours of direct sunlight will allow the light to burn bright for up to 24 hours on its lowest setting.  We throw ours in the back or front window while we are driving to camp and it will provide endless light for all our camping needs.  If your dad is a backpacker who isn’t worried about a few extra ounces, the Luci Light would be a perfect addition to his kit. 

5. Morsel Spork 5 in 1 Cutlery Set XL – $12.95

This all in one cutlery set might seem like a gimmick but it most certainly is not.  Can your Dad’s long handle titanium spork also rubber scrape out the inside of his pot? I think not, but this spork can!  Weighing .8 ounces with a length of 10.5” this little item has quite frankly, 5 times the functionality of a standard issue spork. The cheapest item on our list is also one that your dear old dad will use every single day on the trail.  Unless he’s a savage ultralight backpacker who eats only with his fingers to save weight on utensils, but we highly recommend not doing that.


1: Sawyer Micro Squeeze Water Filtration System – $27.95

If your father is doing any multi-day backpacking, having water filtration isn’t just a need, it’s a necessity.  Nothing can ruin a trip quicker than a case of giardia.  This filter is one of the newest filters to the scene for Sawyer Products.  It removes 99.99999% of all bacteria, such as salmonella, cholera, and E.coli; removes 99.99999% of all protozoa, like giardia and cryptosporidium and 100% of microplastics. So basically what we are saying is this little filter is good; like really good. We love that it hooks right up to any standard water bottle thread so even if you blow out the provided back you can replace it with a bottle you can find almost anywhere.  Plus it can filter 100,000 gallons of water before needing replacing.  We personally like to replace ours around 99,000 gallons just to be safe, but who’s counting. Keep your dad giardia free with this 5.4 oz filter paired with the CNOC Vecto 2L mentioned above for optimal performance. 

2.  Trekology Portable Camping Table – $49.97

It might seem pretty simple but having a portable table that breaks down relatively small is incredibly convenient to have when you’re camping. Especially if you want to casually cook or eat from your camp chair.  This table is made from aerospace-aluminum so you don’t have to worry about your stove melting it like you would on a plastic table surface.  They roll up into a nice little bag for storage and transporting and really just makes camp life more enjoyable to have around.  This is a no-fuss table that sets up easily and is a welcome addition to any car camping setup. 

3.  Gator French Press Coffee Maker – $39.99

Coffee making might not seem like it belongs on Outdoor Gear Geek but is there anything better than sitting in front of a campfire in the early morning having a cup of coffee as the sun rises.  We think not!  To us, coffee is a near essential outdoor camping and backpacking item and this french press makes a pretty darn good cup of joe if you ask us.  What your dad will love is that this french press is made of double-walled stainless steel so if he’s up early he can make enough coffee for everyone and it will be piping hot when you rise and shine to join him.  I guess that’s more of a gift to you now though isn’t it?  Makes 34oz of coffee and can be used at home just as easily as at camp; 2’fers are always winners in our book. 

4.  Earthwell 32oz Kewler Opener Bottle – $44.95

Earthwell is relatively new to the insulated water bottle scene but their team has been around the industry for a very long time.  They make extremely high quality insulated water bottles that rival the quality of all the better-known brands.  Throw a bottle opener on the top and we call that a recipe for success.  When the time comes for dad to crack open a cold brew he’ll never be without an opener if his water bottle is a Kewler. At Outdoor Gear Geeks we want to celebrate both the companies we know and love but also introduce you to some of the brands we feel are making a positive impact on the outdoor industry.  Earthwell is one of these brands. 

5.  Nightcore NU25LM Rechargeable Headlamp – $36.95

On its highest setting, this little light can output 360 lumens and it only weighs just shy of 1oz in your bag. Our favorite feature is that this is a rechargeable headlamp via micro USB and doesn’t require swapping batteries.  At this weight and size, it’s almost silly not to have with you in your bag at all times.  We like the yellow version because it makes it visible to find if you leave it on the ground or need to find it in your bag.  For this price, Outdoor Gear Geeks nerds out pretty hard over a headlamp like this and we think you dad will too.  


1: Grayl GeoPress Water Purifier 24oz – $89.95

This is the worlds fastest portable water filter. And we mean fast.  This press can filter 5 liters of water per minute.  Hard to believe but it’s true. Literally, all you have to do is fill it, press it down and drink it straight from the bottle.  If you travel internationally anywhere that water might be questionable this is absolutely the best water filter you could bring with you.  Without getting into the science of what makes this filter incredible you should know it removes all pathogens: viruses, bacteria, and protozoa – from any freshwater source on Earth. It filters pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, and microplastics; all while improving smell and taste. These filters must be changed every 350 uses or 250L which is enough to keep you drinking safe water for the entirety of most adventures.  This is impressive technology and we can’t wait to see Grayl become even more of a household name.  

Note: One thing to note on the GeoPress is that it is a bit heavier than many of the other backpacking filtration systems we review. Where we wouldn’t necessarily recommend this product for long distance hiking because of its weight, this item is a stand out for the scenarios it was engineered for and well worth the extra ounces.

2.  Gas One GS-4000p Portable Camp Stove – $79.99

If you haven’t used a Gas One Portable camp stove then we think you’re missing out.  There are many different iterations of their portable stove but we found this one to be one of our favorites and here is why. This single burner rose gold stove not only looks cool but cranks out 12,000 BTU’s.  That’s enough power to get your Dad’s t-bone seared up and on a plate in a plate faster than he can finish his beer. This stove not only uses butane canisters which can be found almost anywhere, but it also has an adapter that makes allows it to be used with your standard propane camping fuel canisters.  Nothing kills a camping trip quicker than running out of fuel for your stove.  This option makes this stove twice as versatile as single fuel stoves and we dig that.  We think your dad will too. 

3.  ICEMULE Classic Insulated Backpack 20L – $79.95

This is one of the cooler items we have on our list.  No pun intended either.  It is a highly portable, extremely well engineered, soft-sided cooler that can be strapped easily to your back and carried to a beach, a ballpark, or on to a boat with ease.  It’s way less bulky than a traditional cooler and completely waterproof.  We’ve even strapped an ICEMULE to a raft while tubing down the river and had ice cold….sodas all day. Pretty much the most fun you can have with a cooler is with this guy right here.  It also comes in a variety of bright colors to choose from.  If your father enjoys cold sodas all day long too this is the gift for him!

4.  National Parks Pass – $80 Annual or Over Age 62 $90 Lifetime Senior Pass

Nothing is more special than giving the gift of access to the great outdoors.  There is no hiding the fact that we at Outdoor Gear Geeks love our national parks.  The gear we love talking about wouldn’t matter one bit if there was nowhere to use it in.  Purchasing an Annual Pass helps support the places we love. Bonus, if your dad is older than 62 you’d be giving him the gift of lifetime access to the parks! Don’t pass on this one it’s the Father’s Day Gift Guide Gem!

Image Credit: REI

5.  Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool – $59.95

Well, let’s face it, dads always like tools.  This wouldn’t be a Father’s Day Gift Guide if we didn’t include at least one tool. We couldn’t think of a more versatile, high-quality tool than the Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool.  This tool has everything you need and nothing you don’t.  We like that in a multi-tool design.  This is another one of our 2’fer items as it has purpose both for camping and at home.  We keep one in our vehicle and has saved us on many an occasion.  Leatherman multitools are made and repaired right here in the USA. They also carry a full line of multitools so if there is something special you think your dad would like, they probably have a tool that has it.  You might also like the Leatherman Skeletool which has a carabiner clip bottle opener that is cool.  


These items are the highest prices on our list but we feel like the represent very high-quality products that any Dad would be thrilled to receive.  At Outdoor Gear Geeks we don’t praise an item because it’s the most expensive. We praise items that are well made, innovative and have the ability to enhance our outdoor experiences.  We strongly feel that these products although expensive, represent this mindset.  If you’re lucky enough to have siblings, be a hero and tell them you did the shopping for your dad this year. Divide the costs right up to make them more affordable, that’s what we would do! 

1: Dometic CFX 40 Electric Powered Portable Cooler, Fridge Freezer – $929.04

Have you ever been on a camping trip when dinner time rolls around and you reach into your food cooler only to find that it has become a swampy mess of all your treasured camping treats?  Those days are over when you use one of these bad boys.  Dometic is the industry leader when it comes to portable refrigeration and freezers and it shows.  The CFX 40 plugs right into your 12v power adapter in your car and will keep all your food ice cold or frozen depending on what your needs are for traveling.  It truly is engineered to be extremely energy efficient and will even run off portable battery stations if you choose to take it out of the car or camper. Oh yeah, it has an app too. You can set your temperatures and set automated turn off for battery safety so you never have to worry about killing your car battery.  As Dometic says “No ice ever needed, unless of course its for a drink.”  Now that’s something I think we can all get behind.  

2.  Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240, Solar Generator – $249.99

SolarSaga 60w Portable Solar Panel – $169.99

In today’s world, there is no denying that when you’re outside and enjoying recreational activities there is always a need for power. The Jackery E240 paired with the Jackery SolarSaga 60w Solar Panel provides one of the most seamless solutions for providing just that. Our tester on this product had no issues with quickly setting up the Portable Power Generator to the Solar Panel with limited working knowledge of solar panels.  In fact, it literally was as simple as plugging two cords in and walking away.  Smartphones can be charged on the power station up to 18 times and the battery can also recharge from your car as you drive to your destinations.  This little combination is a perfect accompaniment to any camping adventure where power isn’t readily available and would be extremely useful in emergency situations as well.  Not to mention it can be used to power your Dometic CFX Cooler on the go! 

3.  EXPED Megamat Duo 10 Insulated Self- Inflating Sleeping Pad – $389

We know what you are thinking, and we agree; 389 dollars is a heck of a lot of money to spend on a camping mattress.  However, this is perhaps the most comfortable camping pad we have ever slept on.  There are many great comfortable and affordable options for sleeping pads out there but in our eyes, this is the King.  Sleeping on the long wide version of this pad might be more comfortable than sleeping on your bed at home for many people.  This is a 4 season pad that is rated to insulate your body from the cold ground down to -54 degrees F and comes in at 3.9 inches thick.  If you are a base camper or car camper this literally will be the only pad you will need for the rest of your life to sleep comfortably outdoors.  That is why we feel like it is worth it for your dad, especially if it extends the number of years he can spend sleeping in tents.

4.  Solo Stove Bonfire Pit w/Carry Case $349.98

You wouldn’t think about something like a fire pit as being a high tech camp item, but the Solo Stove Bonfire is engineered to be just that.  First of all this fire pit looks cool, but it doesn’t end there.  It has a double wall design that allows for efficient airflow and burning of the fuel inside it.  The design allows for less smoke and more flame which makes sitting around it an extremely enjoyable experience.  On top of all that, having the Solo Stove makes for a safer campfire experience in areas without established fire pits but still allow open flame fires.  The carry bag makes the fire pit extremely portable and allows for the pit to be brought anywhere very easily.  Imagine your dad down at the beach with a cold beer in hand sitting next to his Solo Stove Bonfire flickering away as the sun sets. I know we can! That’s why we think this is a great buy and would highly recommend it.  At the time of this post, Solo Stove is also having some incredible sales on their website. Check out their website here: Solo Stove

Outdoor Gear Geeks Note: Fire safety is something we take very seriously at Outdoor Gear Geeks and we stress that everyone research fire bans in the areas they are camping in before they start any kind of fire or use an open flame.  It’s up to all of us to camp responsibly. 

5.  Traeger Tailgater 20 Pellet Grill – $449.00

If your father fancies himself a bit of Pit Master but your family might beg to differ, this might be the exact gift he needs.  Traeger smoker/grills are nothing short of amazing when it comes to how easy they are to operate and how delicious the food tastes that they produce.  The Tailgater 20 is a smaller model but can still manage the load of good size bbq.  This grill literally makes anyone seem like a Pit Master and that’s a very good thing for dad. 

Photo: Luke Pearsall

Disclaimer:  We love recommending gear to you.  This site uses affiliate links which provide small kickbacks to Outdoor Gear Geeks at no additional cost to you.  By shopping through our links you are supporting our efforts to continue to bring great content to you.  

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