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A few months back I received an email inviting me to take part in a bike tour operated by Escape Adventures along with a handful of other media professionals on what was called their FAMTour.  As a former Adventure Guide in South America in my 20’s this really sparked my interest, especially since the invite was a chance to bike around one of my favorite places in the country; Moab, Utah.  This would be my first time actually participating in a bike tour not as a guide participant and as an actual client, something that I have always wanted to do.  

Escape Adventures is a family run company that has been operating hiking and biking tours since 1992. Its founders Jared and Heather Fisher have grown their company to include over 100 destinations and cater their tours to all levels of physical fitness and a full spectrum of activity types which I believe to be a wonderful quality of a tour company. I think too often people don’t take tours because they think that they physically won’t be able to keep up with a group or with the rigors of a tour that requires physical demands but this tour was a perfect example of how a company can make sure that everyone from the most physically fit, to the least physically fit person has an incredible time.

One of the things that drew me to wanting to work with Escape Adventures is their commitment to the environment.  They are the only company that has built an, “environmentally friendly, LEED Platinum – Net Zero Energy facilities to house both operational and retail business.”  That’s a technical way of saying that they have committed themselves to leave as small an environmental footprint as they can in their operations from office to the field, and that is something that I truly appreciate and respect about any company especially one that is so personally connected to the outdoors like Escape Adventures is.  

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